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How To Get Away From Prying Eyes?

Unless of course you choose to live in a very deserted or an isolated place to live in, there would always be someone spying on you, regardless of not being a celebrity or anyone rich or famous. Home is one place that is fair in all cases to expect privacy in living your life on your terms and not be pried in the process. Refer ahead for some ways to ensure you get the private life you deserve;

Plant greenery

If you have a path from the boundary wall to the main door, it would be an ideal measure to grow various plants and trees of different natures and colors that would hide the house from nosy neighbors. Greenery does not only keep you away from the paparazzi, but it gives a rather homely aura as well.


It is not only important to place the windows strategically, but to cover them up too. Using window shutters will give you the option of opening them as and when you want wish to, without leaving the gates open for people to judge, and also gives an added advantage of ventilation and regulated levels of daylight. Installing exterior blinds operating at a touch of a button would protect the windows while controlling the level of interference as well. Visit this link for more info on window shutters Baulkham Hills.

Walls or fences

Putting up a wall or a fence would seem like a permanent solution for the prying eyes when compared to the window blinds and greenery. Building a fence would look like recreating one of those scenes from old movies where neighbors have their share of news of the locality across the picket fence, but it would surely hinder the ability for anyone to interfere.


If you already tried using blinds on your shutters Riverstone NSW and they don’t seem to be giving you the sense of safety, next option is consider using curtains, as the much safer alternative, but it has its disadvantages as well, where the wrong choice of material might either prevent the light from entering or seem too transparent to the outside world.

Install courtyards

Planning a courtyard can keep you away from being meddled with, because there would be gates and walls to get past, in order to get to the spying and it is too much work, so you would be left alone to live life on your terms without having fingers pointed at. By following the tips as above, you should be able to repel anyone and everyone who tries to hinder a problem-free life without privacy, while leaving the neighbors and everyone else in good terms as well.