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Meet The Best Orthopedic Surgeon In Town

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Within the field of medicine, there are numerous sub fields within which one can specialize. One of out of these all is orthopedic. An Orthopedic is a doctor who has his specialization in treatment of any disease or injury that affects human bones and joints and their movement. This can be treated in two ways: one is through non-surgical means, that is through physiotherapy, exercise, and medicine, the second is through surgery, in case the patient cannot be cure through any of the ways mentioned earlier. If you live in the city of Melbourne, you must have come across clinics and hospitals in which numerous orthopedic surgeons treat patients. But if you ever come across any injury, all you need to do is contact Dr. David Slattery. As he is the best! He has trained under an international fellowship along with numerous other accolades to his name. He has specialized in numerous areas, some of which include being a pediatrician, treating injuries in the pelvic region succumbed by adults and adolescents. He also must be contacted for all knee and hip related injuries and surgeries.

Before you go to any doctor, it is important that you satisfy yourself with a little analysis regarding their medical qualification and experience. As far as Dr. David is concerned, he holds an MBBS degree. He holds specialization in knee arthritis surgery where hip and knee need to be replaced. As far as details about his personal life are concerned, he was born and brought up in the city of Melbourne, the very city where he practices as a surgeon. Like most students who are unsure as to which career to pursue in life, he took up law at the Melbourne University, but later he realized his aptitude and interest in medical. He graduated from the University of Queensland in the year 2008. He then began his internship in The Alfred Hospital. He has been at the training program for Orthopedics in the year 2010, which was held by the Royal Australian College. He meanwhile also travelled to remote areas in Western Australia and provided his services.

He has worked in some of the top most hospitals in Melbourne and in whole of Australia, some of which are: The Austin hospital, Shepparton Hospital, Monash Hospital, The Royal Melbourne Hospital and many more. For specialization in surgery regarding pelvic region, he even went as far as the United Kingdom and worked and learned from some of the trusted robotic knee replacement in the world. Dr. David then took another fellowship and travelled to Switzerland and mastered all kind of surgeries regarding the hip region. The process of learning did not even stop when he returned to Melbourne and he trained under some of the most renowned doctors in Melbourne: Dr. Young and Dr. Balakumar. As far as experience is concerned, Dr. Slattery has successfully treated numerous patients with various kinds of surgeries, some of his patients even included cricketers and other athletes.