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Role Of Property Settlement Agent:

Property settlement agent can play a vital role in property transfer process. Property settlement agent is a third party that is responsible to transfer the ownership of the property from seller to buyer. Property settlement agent has the ability to convince the both parties by keep in view their interests during buying and selling [process of the property. Basic qualification is required for becoming a property settlement agent for handling and fulfilling the all requirements to transfer the title of the property on the name of new owner. Property settlement agent has to cross verify the all documents of the property through different sources in order to overcome the fraudulent activities. Property settlement agent is responsible to arrange and compile the all transfer documents so, seller can easily transfer the title of the property on the name of buyer. Furthermore, there are many more tasks that have to be performed by the property settlement agent to smoothen the process of transfer. They perform the variety of tasks on the behalf of buyer or seller keeping in view their interests. Property settlement agent has to submit the all legal charges or duties that are mandatory for the transfer of ownership from seller to buyer. Go here for more information lawyer.  

Major tasks of a property settlement agent:

The core responsibility of the property settlement agents Perth is to confirm the title of the property from the regulatory authorities after that property settlement agent has to confirm that no loan has been taken on the property. Property must be clear from all the government or private institutions like banks. Property settlement agent is responsible to prepare a formal transfer deed by keeping in view the all terms and conditions that have been decided already. Property settlement agent plays a role of bridge between the buyer and seller. They have to inspect each document from the every aspect before starting the transfer process then they have to intimate the both parties that transfer process has been started. Furthermore they have to cross verify the all claims that have been made by the seller. After completing all the legal formalities they have allotted a transfer date on which the buyer and seller have to be present in front of the authorities. Property settlement agent has to convey the date and time to both parties. They have to provide a settlement statement as well.


Property settlement agents are considered as the mandatory part of the property transfer process that can never be completed without them. We are having the most competent and honest property settlement agents who perform their duties efficiently. Further, please click on the following link to view for more details. Here you go (Main Campaign)