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Privacy Law In Australia

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Rules, regulations and laws are some words which are controlling irregularities and lawlessness. In almost every country there are some mild and strict laws to prevent haphazard and to prevent the country from becoming a jungle. Unfortunately there are countries where law is considered as a joke, people are afraid of law enforcers and not the law, corruption is at peak and there is no value of country’s honor and code of conduct. On the other hand there are some countries especially in west which are doing pretty good for the residents of the country. Countries like Canada Europe and Australia has separate privacy laws (all countries have privacy laws but, only few are practicing it actually). Talking about the most desirable country to live i.e. Australia; other than usual laws there are some serious privacy laws known as ‘privacy act 1988’ which actually promotes the protection of individual’s privacy specifically by obligating those who collects, hold and handles the personal information to manage the collected information personally and responsibly. In Australia there are some ‘Australia privacy principles’ similar to other developed countries like Canada and Europe.  If you want to know more about lawyers Cairns.  

Initially privacy act was imposed on government agencies, state owned companies and organizations but now private sector is not excluded from this strict act. When one talks about the law of the country one common question arises i.e. is this applicable on us? So the answer for the privacy act of Australia is; if a person is running a medium to large size organization, business or company whose work involves collecting personal and private information of people there is a bright possibility that privacy act of Australia applies to you. Furthermore, individuals, partnerships, unincorporated associations and trusts are also included in the above mentioned definition. Charities and community sector, clubs and associations, unions and employee companies are also included only if the turnover is exceeding 3 million AED but, even if the turnover is less than that there is a clear chance of being caught if the above mentioned conditions applies.

On the contrary there are certain laws in Australia which does not find suitable by the residents of the country such as: Self-defense, there is no such thing as self-defense in Australia, if a person is owning a weapon for the purpose of personal safety whether it is lethal or non-lethal; considered as a criminal offense in Australia. Although the definition of lethal and non-lethal varies from states to states of Australia, sling shots, pepper spray and stuff like these are still under discussion to be labeled as lethal or non-lethal. In a nutshell, privacy act of Australia is followed rigidly and strict with zero tolerance regarding invasion of the privacy.